Thursday, 16 April 2009

Embedded laptop announcements

There were a couple of announcements today related to launch of embedded laptops. Vodafone Italy announced the availability of the HSUPA Samsung NC-10 Internet Inside, while Dell has secured a deal with China Mobile to supply its Inspiron Mini 10, which supports TD-SCDMA.

The embedded laptop will (fairly) rapidly take over from the USB modem as the device of choice for mobile broadband. Across Europe it will account for the majority of sales by 2012 and the majority of the installed base by 2014. In some markets the evolution will, of course, be rather more rapid. However it's unlikely to be the operators who will dominate this market. They'll have a selection of devices, such as those announced today, but the majority of laptops will be sold by the IT channels.


  1. I'm not so sure 'embedded' will rapidly overtake dongles. I suspect that most people who are taking mobile broadband seriously have more than one computer they want to be able to connect to a network, and deals ith more than one operator. Unless there's an easy way to change to SIM card in embedded comouters, aren't you get to find t more convenient to have a bag of dongles? It's not ideal, certainly.

  2. By "rapid", I'm thinking 5 years. By that time those multiple computers you refer to will have an embedded modem, the new ones at least. For those with multiple PCs, you could swap SIMs between devices (could be that there will be an external slot like an SD slot) but it's more likely you'd simply share a subscription between your multiple devices.

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