Wednesday, 1 July 2009

That didn't take long

As predicted in the last post, 3's competitors didn't take long to respond to their £1.25/MB international roaming rate.

Vodafone announced that a new data tariff will apply from today across Europe which will cost £9.99/day for 50MB, i.e. £0.20/MB.

Obviously the minimum charge is a bit of a pain, but I'd argue given the usual usage patterns of mobile broadband it's more price efficient for users than the 3 plan. How often do you only use 1MB during a session, let alone a day? If you've taken your laptop, you're going to use it and you only need to generate 8MB of data to make it worthwhile getting the large plan. Almost every session would do that.

Outside Europe the charge would be a slightly less palatable £29.99 for 50MB.


  1. I agree that £1.25/MB isn't very useful. I'd only contemplate that in an emergency, if I needed to go online and there was no other way. On the other hand, £9.99/day wouldn't be too convenient for me either. I'd probably want to go on line each day during a week, but on each day my use would be well short of 50 Mb

  2. Expect Voda's offer to come with lots of fine print on which networks it is available on, ungodly overage charges and no notification when going over the bundle/using the "wrong" network.

  3. Claiming to have the cheapest MBB roaming is currently a bit like claiming to be Britain's greatest astronaut.