Monday, 21 December 2009

Retaining mobile broadband customers: it's all about inertia

Analysys Mason has just published a report looking at the thorny issue of churn management in mobile broadband. MNOs must put retention at the core of their mobile broadband strategy looks at the customer retention and churn reduction strategies that MNOs must pursue to be as effective as possible at retaining subscribers. In a nutshell it's all about recognising the importance of inertia (of which there's a lot) and looking for genuine customer acquisition opportunities (which have to be sought out).

This report was put together on the back of work done on retention and churn reduction in the mobile world in general. See here for more details.

Also published recently was Strategies for mobile broadband in CALA: forecasts and analysis 2009–2014, which focuses on the Caribbean and Latin American markets where mobile broadband threatens to be a real threat to DSL infrastructure and revenue opportunities are substantial.

Both excellent reads and I thoroughly recommend them.

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