Monday, 14 March 2011

If you're still following Future of Mobile Broadband...

...then you really should switch across to my new (and old) blog The Wireless Noodle. There's an interesting post on there about how delaying the award of spectrum LTE will help UK operators.

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  1. The future of Mobile Broad-Band in next 10years will revolutionize the way of communicating there will be Wireless Hotspots, Ericsson HSAP (High Speed Packet Access) to connect you to the internet at existing UK speeds of up to 84Mb

    Manufacturer Ericsson also showcased new superfast HSPA technology at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in February 2010, offering speeds of up to 84Mb, which is completely changed the Mobile Broadband Market.

    People will enjoy true mobility for Voice and Video over IP phone calls over popular internet applications like Skype, to open up whole new opportunities for connectedness between family, friends, and colleagues. Social networks will become mobile and context-aware, multi-dimensional, and will utilize live video and highly immersive 3D Graphics, making today’s Facebook and Twitter seem like the command line interfaces of the past. Artists will collaborate real-time worldwide, and explore new frontiers of creativity.