Friday, 9 January 2009

Dawn of a New Blog

Happy New Year and welcome to "Future of Mobile Broadband".

My Analysys Mason new year resolution was to start blogging on the wonderful world of mobile broadband. It's a ripe subject. To quote myself:

"The evolution from narrowband to broadband is the single most disruptive change facing the mobile industry over the next ten years. The future shape of the telecommunications industry will be determined by how telcos (both fixed and mobile), device and infrastructure vendors and others in the value chain deal with this seismic shift."

Never has a truer word been said*. Mobile broadband represents a massive growth opportunity for MNOs at a time when growth is hard to find. Meanwhile for fixed line incumbents the competitive threat is substantial, meaning they too must keep a close eye on the mobile broadband landscape.

The purpose of this blog is two-fold. Firstly to keep tabs of the rapidly changing mobile broadband market and provide some much needed insight on the host of thorny problems relating to marketing and technology that still need to be resolved by mobile operators. Secondly to promote all of the outstanding work that Analysys Mason is doing in this area.

*This may be a slight exaggeration

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  1. I don't think fixed line broadband providers have anything to worry about in mobile broadband. The mobile broadband user experience is so dismal it will not tempt anyone to forego wireline broadband. Mobile broadband is a complementary product to wireline broadband, not a replacement.