Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Free Press Conference

An ex-colleague of mine from Yankee Group, Benoit Felten (check out his excellent Fiberevolution blog if you haven't done so already) has uploaded onto YouTube a video capture of French altnet Free's Press Conference last week.

The focus is mostly on fiber deployment, but also about Wimax, the upcoming mobile license bid, etc. which you might find interesting. Benoit has even been good enough to add English subtitles, which is beyond the call of duty.

Here are the videos:

Parts 3, 4 and 5 to come.

I'm on the road at the moment and haven't had time to check the presentations all the way through, so hopefully his subtitles aren't an early poisson d'avril.


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  2. They're not an early Poisson d'Avril. Although I have to say I am pondering what this year's fish of the day will be. Last year's was well appreciated in addition to, as, it turned out, somewhat prescient: http://www.fiberevolution.com/2008/04/openreach-announces-6-year-ftth-deployment-plan.html

  3. True. I'll have to start thinking of something similar.