Monday, 17 August 2009

3 growth outperforms the market

In more 3-related news, the operator's parent company Hutchison Whampoa has announced that the group* had 3.8 million mobile broadband customers as of mid-2009, up 170% compared to mid-2008.

According to my estimates, over the same period in Europe as a whole, mobile broadband connections grew by about 104%, so 3 seems to be outperforming the market. That said, of course, the comparison isn't exactly fair as 3 isn't present in all the markets and they tend to drive a lot of the growth. So it would be fairer to compare with those markets in Europe where 3 is present (I don't currently have Israel or HK forecasts, they're coming soon). The composite growth figure for the Austrian, Danish, Irish, Italian, Swedish and UK markets is 100% over the year to June 2009, making 3's growth of 170% all the more impressive.

Full mobile broadband subscriber (and more) forecasts available here.

*Including Israel and Hong Kong subsidiaries as well as "3" companies.

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