Thursday, 6 August 2009

Mobile broadband is highlight in Ofcom's UK Comms Mkt Review

This morning Ofcom published the Communications Market Review 2009 (here). Mobile broadband provides one of the few positives. According to the figures 12% of households have mobile broadband, giving 3 million connections and 75% of them are complementary, rather than replacement. I would advise caution over the figures. While GfK has a reasonably robust methodology and Mobile Today generally know what they're talking about, you can take it for granted that there is some margin of error in their figures quoted in the Ofcom report. However, I think they're very close to the truth. All of the figures are completely in keeping with the forecasts I compiled for Analysys Mason for the report Mobile broadband in Europe: forecasts and analysis 2009–2014.

The socio-economic analysis that Ofcom has done is quite interesting. Nothing we weren't expecting though I'd say: ABs have the highest penetration and typically use MBB as a complement; DEs have fewest connections and are proportionately more likely to use it as their main connection (reflecting the fact that they're more likely to be mobile-only households and the affordability of prepaid MBB).

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