Thursday, 1 October 2009

Ranking countries by Broadband Leadership

Fascinating report put out by the Said Business School and Cisco looking at which countries are ready for the broadband future and which...ahem...aren't. South Korea beat last year's leader Japan into second place. Sweden, Switzerland and Netherlands are Europe's leaders. Yokohama, Nagoya and (curiously) Vilnius, Lithuania were the top 3 cities. Check out the report. Makes for interesting reading.

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  1. There was an interesting blog post from Peter Cochrane a few weeks ago. On a recent visit to S. Korea he struggled to get a decent data rate at all kinds of places. All around he saw optical fibre being installed, but the rates he got would have been thought unimpressive even in the UK. The Koreans he spoke to didn't find anything unusual or inconsistent in this. He was at a loss to account for the discrepancy between what the infrastructure should be capable of, and what was typical in practice.