Monday, 26 October 2009

Comes With Music sees very limited adoption

Music Ally recently published on its blog figures for Nokia Comes With Music adoption. A grand total of 107,000 users worldwide. In the UK after 12 months the total figure was a disappointing 33,000. Hardly tearing up trees but spectacular success compare with Italy where after 6 months in service there were only 691 users.

Mind you, given my experience of using CWM (yes, I am/was a user), I am not terrifically surprised. If the word of mouth reflects the user-friendliness (or lack of it) of the service then it's hardly surprising that people aren't signing up in their droves. Sounds too good to be true? With that clunky DRM, it is.

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  1. The problem with music subscription serves is that they always exclude somebody. Its no good having unlimited downloads if it is only for certain artists. Also any company that thinks it can get away with DRM in 2009 is crazy.